Integrity Policy (GDPR)

MED handles the following data

Customer data: information linked to your contract and your service with us. E.g. name, address, e-mail address, phone number, social security number, IP address the order was made from.

Traffic data: data needed to transmit information in an electronic communication network.

ATTENTION! Traffic data is not content, but information that describes the transfer, such as IP logs, e-mail logs and call history if you have telephony with us.

This is where the information about you comes from

  • All information that you provide yourself when you order a service, or when you report an error, or if you want offers from us.
  • When you visit our website, as well as when you call, text or email us.
  • Publicly available personal data registers such as SPAR, credit assessment such as UC
  • Call history – if you have telephony with us.

What is your data needed for?

The GDPR’s provisions for legal handling of personal data are as follows:

  • The registered person has given their consent to their personal data being processed for one or more specific purposes.
  • The processing is necessary to fulfill an agreement to which the data subject is a party or to take measures at the request of the data subject before entering into such an agreement.
  • The processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation incumbent on the personal data controller.
  • The processing is necessary to protect interests that are of fundamental importance to the data subject or to another natural person.
  • The processing is necessary to perform a task of public interest or as part of the personal data controller’s exercise of authority.
  • The processing is necessary for purposes related to the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party, unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject outweigh and require the protection of personal data, especially when the data subject is a child.


Delivery of your service

We need your personal data in order to be able to deliver the service that you have ordered from us, or to complete our agreement with you regarding the delivery of services and products and to be able to ensure operation and support of our services. We also need your information for invoicing your services, credit reporting purposes, so that you can report complaints and complaints and to help you with questions about your service with our customer service.

Without access to your personal data in this regard, we cannot provide our services to you.

This is how we save your data for longer

We will save your data as long as you are a customer with us and we will send it to subcontractors approved by us to be able to deliver your service and for troubleshooting. Certain data is saved for a longer time depending on what the data needs to be used for and in relation to our obligations according to law.

When you have ended your customer relationship with us, your information will remain with us for a maximum of 1 year. Invoices and financial data can be saved longer as they apply under the Accounting Act. This type of data is then handled by MED’s staff with finance and/or system functions.

Your data with our partners


In order to be able to deliver our services, we employ subcontractors in some cases. This means that they also need certain information that you have provided to us.

Our subcontractors may not use the information about you for any purpose other than to provide the service or on the terms that we specify.

Examples of our subcontractors we: Stadsnät, Arvato (invoicing), Retailers.

If required, a so-called personal data assistant agreement is drawn up between MED and this type of subcontractor.

Countries outside the EU

If we need to hire subcontractors who have parts of their operations outside Sweden or outside the EU/EEA, we will take appropriate protective measures and ensure that transferred data is handled securely and in accordance with applicable law.


We are obliged to, upon request according to law and authority decision, release the data resulting from the decision to, for example, the police and SOS Alarm.

This is how we protect your data

We handle your data with the utmost care. All communications between us and our subcontractors that contain data are encrypted or are transmitted securely.

APIs against other systems only send the minimum possible information.

Your rights

Right of access: As a customer, you have the right to receive information free of charge about which personal data we handle about you. If the data subject makes a request for information in electronic format, the information must be provided in an electronic format that is generally known, unless the data subject requests otherwise.

Right to rectification: We are responsible for ensuring that the personal data we process about you is correct and up-to-date. If you discover an error, you have the right to request correction of this information.

Right to erasure: In certain circumstances, you have the right to have your person data deleted. This applies in the following situations:

  • If the personal data is no longer needed for the purpose/purpose for which it has been collected.
  • If the data has been collected solely based on consent from you and you withdraw this consent.
  • If you object to the handling of data too directly

If you object that the personal data, after a balance of interests, does not meet legitimate reasons that outweigh your interest or your fundamental rights and freedoms.
Right to object: Right to object to handling of personal data that MED has done with the support of a balancing of interests. We then need to receive which treatment you object to. After that, we may only continue to process the data if there are compelling legitimate reasons why the personal data must be processed and these outweigh your interests. For marketing purposes, you always have the right to object to the processing of personal data.

Right to restriction: You have the right to have our processing of your personal data restricted if you dispute the correctness of the personal data, the processing is illegal, the data is not needed for the purpose of the processing.

Data to develop services

In order to improve and develop our products, services and network, your traffic data may be needed to compile statistics for analysis needs. The data used for this purpose will be anonymized.

News and offers

If you want news and offers on more services that we offer, you need to give your consent for us to contact you for that purpose. If you have given us your consent, we may contact you via letter, text message, telephone, e-mail, the Portal on MED or another way that you have approved.

Information security and to prevent misuse of services

We process data to ensure the security of all our services and communication networks, to detect or prevent various types of illegal use or use that otherwise violates the terms of service.

We also process this data to prevent abuse of networks and services and to detect and prevent fraud, virus attacks, etc.

Law and dispute

Agreements and disputes must be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.

In the event of a dispute between MED and the customer, the parties must first try to reach an agreement. Disputes resulting from interpretation and application must finally be resolved in a general court.

Contact to exercise your rights

Contact us at if you want extracts, corrections, deletions or withdrawal of submitted consents.