Protects during the day.

Watches over at night.

A smarter defense against theft, sabotage, and accidents

Prevent Accidents

MEDguard AI helps prevent workplace accidents by monitoring and alerting in case of hazardous situations involving construction machinery.

Counteract Theft

Theft of diesel and equipment has increased drastically. MEDguard AI uses innovative AI-based technology to provide outstanding protection and peace of mind.

Prevent Sabotage

The system is designed to detect and report unauthorized access and sabotage actions, reducing the risk of financial losses and downtime.

Collect Data

MEDguard collects data every time the system acts. This provides valuable data that can be of great help in the improvement work for a safer working environment.

A smart investment now and for the future


People’s health is the highest priority for MEDguard AI. By monitoring and alerting to hazardous situations during the workday, it reduces the risk of accidents and promotes a safe and healthy workplace environment.


By preventing theft and sabotage, MEDguard AI also reduces environmental impact by preventing potential fuel and resource losses.


Security is at the core of MEDguard AI. The system constantly monitors and responds to threats to protect both people and machinery from hazardous situations and damages.


MEDguard AI provides a sense of safety with its reliable and intelligently designed security system. Users can feel secure with MEDguard AI as their partner in the workplace.


MEDguard AI offers advanced functionality by using AI technology to detect threats and react in real-time. This makes the system highly effective and reliable.


The installation of MEDguard AI is straightforward and user-friendly. Users can easily switch between different modes and receive immediate warnings and notifications of potential threats.

How MEDguard AI Works

Daytime During Operation - Human Protection and Safety

During the workday, the system monitors the area behind the construction machine in real-time with the rear AI sensor. If someone approaches the machine too closely, the system immediately warns the machine operator with a light indication in the cabin.

AI technology eliminates the risk of false alarms, which is common with regular backup sensors.

MEDguard AI is intelligent and responds only to humans, aiming to prevent accidents that may occur when someone gets too close to the machine in the driver’s blind spot).

How safe is the workplace? What can be improved? MEDguard is able to collect data that enables decision-making to have a safer and more secure workplace

Nighttime Watch Mode - Monitoring and Recording

MEDguard AI switches to protection mode and monitors the construction machine. If someone approaches it, the audio and light alarms are activated, the recordings start, and a notification is sent to you or your alarm center.

AI sensors provide a complete overview of the area around the machine. When the workday is over, you can easily switch to watch mode via our app. The AI sensor will guard, sound the alert, and record as soon as a human gets too close.

If someone attempts to access the diesel tank or perform other suspicious actions, the AI sensor is activated, the roof beacon light flashes, an alarm is sent to the driver or alarm center, and the recorded material is sent to MEDguard’s cloud for secure storage.

Locate where your machines are

You can log in at any time and locate your machine via the built-in GPS function and get a real-time overview of what is happening around the machine thanks to the AI sensors.

A Complete Basic Package

Our basic package provides everything you need to ensure a safe and risk-free workplace 24/7.
The basic package includes:

Easy Installation

Once everything is correctly installed, you contact our technical support at Mediateknik for commissioning and connection to MEDguard’s cloud service. Now, your system is activated and ready to protect your workplace.

Potential thief caught on camera

Potential thief caught on camera. Authentic pictures. A person approaches the machine. The system reacts and a video recording starts. The person moves away. Recorded material is uploaded to Mediateknik’s secure data center and MEDcloud.

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